1. 如何知道是否已收到訂單?

2. 如何檢查已下訂單的狀態?
登入帳戶後,按「訂單」,你將看到你的所有 geleeskin.com 官方網上商店訂單狀態和速遞追蹤號碼。

3. 有什麼付款方法?
閣下可使用Visa、MasterCard, Paypal, FPS, PayMe, 支付宝, 微信支付

4. 為什麼無法下訂單及付款?
在 geleeskin.com官方網上商店上購物時,如果你的付款遭拒或系統無法處理交易,請嘗試下列步驟: 請檢查網絡連線狀況,確保下訂單過程暢順 請確保輸入的信用卡的個人資料正確,如信用卡安全碼、信用卡的有效期,賬單地址亦必須與你所註冊的信用卡一致 你的發卡銀行有機會拒絕交易,請直接聯絡發卡銀行以了解遭到拒絕的原因 如檢查上述各項亦未能成功下訂單,請嘗試用其他信用卡付款以提交新的訂單

5. 接受國際訂單嗎?
是的,我們接受某些國家/地區的國際遞送服務,如果您在結帳時找不到您所在的國家/地區,請通過 gelee@fongandwong.com 向我們發送電子郵件,我們將盡最大努力為您服務。

6. 我可以取消訂單嗎?
如欲取消已提交的訂單,請電郵至 gelee@fongandwong.com 或 WhatsApp(Tel) 我們聯絡,我們會盡力配合你的要求。若訂單已在處理或運送中,抱歉我們無法更改或取消你的訂單。 訂單或部分訂單被取消的原因: 產品缺貨 無法完成付款程序 無法送貨至所提供的地址 顧客要求取消 超出消費限額 如訂單被取消,你將會收到一封由 geleeskin.com 網站系統發出的通知電郵,你曾經下的訂單並不會被收取任何費用。如有任何疑問,可電郵至 gelee@fongandwong.com 或 WhatsApp (Tel)了解詳情。

7. 怎樣追蹤/更改收貨地址?
貨物寄出後,如有需要更改地址,請閣下自行聯絡順豐速運另作安排。衍生的額外費用必須自付 如顧客因個人理由未能收件,請自行與順豐速運聯絡安排。如貨件屢次派送失敗,你的訂單可能會被取消,本公司或不作退款

8. 在 geleeskin.com 購物是否安全?
所有於 geleeskin.com 官方網上商店完成的交易均為安全,我們使用安全套接字層(SSL)數據加密技術,進階加密技術的安全伺服器。你的信用卡資料在傳輸給我們時經過加密,並存儲在安全的環境中。SSL 使未經授權方不可能讀取你通過安全伺服器發送給我們的任何資訊。

9. 你們的退貨政策是什麼?
Gelee 十分重視我們的顧客,如閣下收到 geleeskin.com 官方網上商店產品後的7天內有任何不滿意,可透過 gelee@fongandwong.com 或WhatsApp 聯絡我們提出退貨要求。 請參閱我們的退貨政策以獲取更多詳細信息。


1. How will I know if my order has been received?
After placing your order, you will receive a web confirmation and also an email confirmation.

2. How do I check the status of an order I have placed?
Log in, then to go to the "Order" section (located on the top right hand corner). You will see all your Gelee Online Shop orders along with their status and courier tracking numbers.

3.What are my payment options?
Payment for purchases on Gelee Online Shop can be made using Visa, Mastercard, Paypal, FPS, PayMe, Alipay, WeChat Pay

4. Why can't I place my order or checkout?
If you are not able to place or pay an order on Gelee Online Shop, please try the following steps:

  • Check your internet connection is working normally
  • Check the credit card details to make sure the information is correct, e.g. the security code, the expiry date or your billing address
  • Your card issuer may have declined your payment, please check with your issuing bank directly
  • If you've checked all of the above, please try paying with another credit card for placing new order

5. Do you accept international orders?

Yes we do accept international delivery for some of the countries, if you can’t find your country upon checkout, please do email to us on gelee@fongandwong.com , we will try our best to serve you with the utmost priority.

6. How do I cancel my order?
If you would like to cancel an online order after it has been placed, please contact us by email gelee@fongandwong.com or Whatsapp (Tel) to our Customer Service Centre. We will do our best to accommodate your request. Once an order is processing, we regret that it cannot be changed or cancelled.

Occasionally, orders or parts of an order are cancelled for various reasons. Some reasons are:

  • Item(s) are not available
  • Difficulty in processing payment information
  • Cannot ship to the address provided
  • By customer request
  • Purchase limits have been exceeded

If your order is cancelled, you will receive an email notice to advise you of the cancellation. You will not be billed for any cancelled items. If you have questions about a cancelled order, please email gelee@fongandwong.com or WhatsApp at(Tel).

7. How can I track the shipment or change shipping address?

  • You can login geleeskin.com  website or check out Order Confirmation Email to track the order status and shipment status.
  • Once the order is shipped out, any changes in the address shall be arranged with SF Express by contacting their Customer Service directly. Any incurred expenses shall be borne by the customer.
  • If the shipment cannot be successfully delivered to the customer due to personal reasons, please contact SF Express directly in order to make further arrangements. If the delivery cannot be reached multiple times, your order might risk being cancelled and not refunded.

8. Is it safe to order online?

Ordering from geleeskin.com  online is safe and secure. Once you click on "Order Review," you're on a secure server that uses Secure Socket Layer (SSL) advanced encryption technology. Your credit card information is encrypted when it is transmitted to us and is stored in a secure environment. SSL makes it virtually impossible for unauthorised parties to read any of the information you send us via the secure server.

9.What is your return policy?
We offer a hassle-free return policy for purchases at geleeskin.com. If for any reason you are not entirely satisfied, you may return any item in its original condition for a full refund within 7 days from delivery.  Please refers to our Return Policy for more details or Whatsapp email:  gelee@fongandwong.com